Access Control

Door entry control system | Stewart Security

From smart locks to complete door entry stations, these devices add a range of functionality and advanced security to your home.

  • You can lock and unlock doors with personalised codes.
  • Schedule specific access times for certain codes as well as receive mobile and email notifications of activity.
  • Remotely lock and unlock your doors from a computer or smart mobile device.
  • Program your smart alarm to lock the doors when the alarm is set or when your sensors detect it is night time.

Door Station Functionality

door entry
  • An integrated door entry station provides video and audio intercom to view and communicate with whoever is at your door.
  • Access your door station feed from touchscreen panels across your property or smart devices such as an iPad.
  • Motion detection and camera snapshots can be sent to directly to your mobile device as a notification of activity.
  • There are a wide range of designs available from flush-mount and surface-mount options to with or without an integrated keypad.

Remote Control & Mobile Notifications

iPhone security control

With specific user codes you can receive mobile notifications of who and when someone enters your property or specified security zone. Use your smart security alarm to control when smart locks and doors can be accessed and give contractors or visitors a temporary code and a time window in which they are granted access.

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