Alarm Systems

Protect your home with an alarm from Stewart Security Systems

Our alarm systems are designed to secure your property while keeping you in control. From the basic intruder alarm to the fully integrated smart alarm, you will have peace of mind knowing your home and family are protected

Stewart Security Alarm System

Choosing Your Alarm System

Our basic intruder alarm is a standalone system complete with keypads, motion sensors, door contacts and external bell-boxes.

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Our smart alarm integrates your home automation for advanced security protection. From your lights and cameras to your automatic blinds, your smart alarm system can control them all.

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Alarm Security Grades

All our alarm systems are designed to meet a security grade in British Standards.

Grades 1-4 describe the level of security that they provide. Your insurance company may specify a particular grade of system to quality your insurance cover, depending on the risk and what you are protecting.

An overview of the security grades detailed in BS EN 50131 – 1 are as follows:

Intruders are expected to have little knowledge of the alarm system and may be restricted to a limited range of easily available tools.

Intruders are expected to have a little more knowledge of the alarm system and use a general range of tools and some specialist equipment.

Intruders are expected to be conversant with the alarm system and have a comprehensive range of tools and portable electronic equipment.

To be used when security takes precedence over all other factors. Intruders are expected to have the resources to plan an intrusion in detail and have a full range of equipment, including the means to substitute vital components in the alarm system.