Home Automation Integration

Integrating your security system with your home technology allows a two-way communication, giving you advanced security protocols as well as taking your automation control to another level. We work closely with audio visual specialists to provide a fully specified security solution.

Further to advanced security, controlling your home automation system is energy efficient, cost-saving and environmentally friendly. For example, your lights can be programmed to switch off after a period of inactivity in a certain room or the heating can be automatically turned down when nobody is home.

Home Automation Control

Lighting Control

Program your lights to turn off automatically when your alarm is set. Customise various scenes in your property to turn on, at chosen times, when any number of conditions are met. The options are limitless.

Heating Control

Use your alarm settings to efficiently manage your heating control depending on who is home. Take a look at the User Control section for more info.

Doors & Windows

As well as door entry control giving you secure access and remote answering, your smart alarm sensors can be programmed to notify you should you set the alarm and leave the house with a security flaw such as an open window. See more in Notifications.

CCTV Cameras

Your CCTV cameras are an important feature in your security system. With home automation integration you can manage and view your security feed from a touchscreen on you property or a remote mobile device.

Music Control

A popular home automation feature, your home audio system can be controlled by your smart alarm as you come and go. Different users on the alarm system can even specify their own customisation. Read more under user control for home automation.

Blind Control

Control your blinds from the flick of a switch or use your home automation system to close them at sunset. With our integrated system you can enhance your security by also controlling your blinds using your smart alarm status.