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For both home and business owners installing a CCTV system is an active countermeasure to intrusion, theft and vandalism. Acting as a visual deterrent to crime and an effective way to monitor and capture activity at your property.

With clear, crisp images we install cameras from industry leaders in surveillance. At a range of price points and with a variety of features we can suggest the best cameras and recording equipment for you. Some of these features include;

  • High Definition image resolution.
  • Infrared imagery for clarity even at night.
  • Vehicle tracking to follow movement on your property.
  • Number plate and facial recognition.
  • Vandal resistance.

Access your surveillance system from smart devices such as tablets and phones, allowing you to view your cameras remotely from anywhere in the world.

We can design systems from simple internal cameras to extensive external networks. Our surveyors will assess your property, understand your security concerns and suggest a bespoke system. We use our military background to take into account vantage points and the most appropriate features for your home or business.

As well as installing new CCTV systems we can takeover, maintain or upgrade existing systems.

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