Better Ingredients, Better Consultancy.


Whether it is a simple security flood light or a Royal residence with a close quarter protection team, it is identifying the probable threat, and agreeing on a realistic solution that can be lived with.

We can identify and provide the solutions, or identify, plan and document for a third party provider.

Like all consultancy processes, we start with the risk assessment, followed by the system design, implementation and project management, and documentation.  It is a methodical process but it is the diversity of our backgrounds, our ingredients, that make the process unique.

Our key personnel are trained in specifying, installing and maintaining intruder alarm systems, CCTV and Access Control.  However, they also have ex-military backgrounds and other relevant commercial training.

Military experiences include active tours within the Royal Air Force as Imagery Analysists at the Joint Air Reconnaissance Intelligence Centre (JARIC), now known as the National Imagery Exploitation Centre, Squadron Security, Electronic Warfare, and Specialist Reconnaissance.

The other commercial training includes audiovisual specification, installation, and programming. In addition to audiovisual, there is the backbone of these installations; the structured cabling, IP networking and addressing, router configuration, layer 2 and 3 networks, DMZ, DNS, and VLANs.

Not only do we understand these systems, we can specify them and the security system; no third party designer, integrator or programmer required.

This seamless dovetailing ensures continuity and, more importantly, a Consultancy Service that understands security; security that will work with lighting, door entry, CCTV, smartphones, blind/curtain control, and heating.

One Brief. One Designer. One Consultancy.


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