A reliable fire detection system is an important and potentially life-saving component of home safety. 

For a business complying with health and safety regulations, all workplaces should have arrangements for detecting fire.

We can supply and install a variety of detectors, sensing heat, smoke and poisonous gas. Sensors have the ability to identify both fast and slow burning fires, notifying you at the earliest signs of fire.

We install detectors equipped with advanced digital detection technology, ensuring reliability for both fire detection and false alarm prevention. 

Detectors can be wired or wireless depending on the available signal strength and can be;

  • Integrated with your alarm or home automation system. 
  • Have the ability to send a notification to your phone in the event of activation.
  • Act as a night light by sensing movement. 
  • Can distinguish the difference between smoke and steam.   

We can also install and integrate carbon monoxide detectors. Carbon monoxide is a colourless, odourless gas that can cause serious illness and fatality if left undetected. It is almost impossible to identify this gas without the use of a detector.

Fire systems

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