Security Survey


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Stewart Security Systems use drones for surveys; this includes mapping the terrain, looking at vantage points, assessing weaknesses and visualizing CCTV locations and blind spots.

We are trained, insured and are registered with the CAA.  In addition to this, we have had active tours within the Royal Air Force as Imagery Analysists at the Joint Air Reconnaissance Intelligence Centre (JARIC), now known as the National Imagery Exploitation Centre.

We know how to interpret and act upon this information.

We believe this makes us unique and, at the time of press, it is our understanding that we are the only company in the UK that has all of these skills.

Given the recent rise in drones, we can also advise on anti-drone systems.

A professional licensed pilot conducts a survey to include:

  • 4k photography to capture every security detail of your property.
  • A complete visual plan of your home security system from the air.
  • An aerial perspective allowing us to find access points and security flaws otherwise invisible from the ground.
  • The ability to fly the exact same path over time to assess changes in security or record a project in development.